Receptivity. Ferocity. Grace.

Dani’s dynamic presence as a yoga instructor shows itself in her ability to both gently encourage, and ignite ferocity in her group classes. Students often comment that while grounded, focused & direct in her instruction, she has a very soft & feminine energy about her, which facilitates a welcoming atmosphere of exploration, regardless of the student’s level. ________________________________________________________________________________________

*Take a drop-in class*

Dani is currently teaching public classes at
Aumbase Sedona & Awakenings Sedona

All group classes offer a blend of
Asanas (physical postures),
Pranayama (breathwork),
Guided relaxation, &
Meditation or mantra.

Private sessions are available

For serious & devoted students desiring one-on-one instruction.

Booking is also available for private retreats and guest teaching.

For more information, please contact Dani directly.

No other class in Sedona gave me the drive and tools to keep moving forward in my own asana practice and spiritual development.

Danielle Holman

Photographer, Align Eye to Eye

Through her yoga classes I’ve achieved not only poses I’ve never dreamed I could do, but also a deep inner stillness, great focus & clarity and a much stronger sense of myself and my abilities.

Tracy Kumbera

Intuitive Life Coach, tracykumbera.com

Dani’s pleasant voice and spot on cues take you deep into the practice and yourself. I recommend her classes for anyone interested in feeling powerful and joyful.

Edward Campbell

DMQ (Doctor of Medical Qi-Gong)

My favorite thing about classes with Dani is that they are never exactly the same and each class offers a devotional and spiritual depth that is rare and beautiful.

Maya Radoccia-Kennen

BSW, IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant), Happy Breast Feeding